Jeff McGlade (Lead)

Jeff has been singing with Sojourner since 2012, when he made his debut with the quartet at the Hancock County Fair in Findlay, Ohio! At that time, Jeff sang the tenor part on the God's Good project. When Isaac came on board in 2014, Jeff began singing the lead part, and has sung lead on the Redemption, A Quartet Christmas, and Old and New projects. He took his first venture into songwriting and wrote Glory In The Cross, which the group recorded on their 2015 Redemption project. Jeff is a native of Mt. Zion in Central Illinois where he was raised in a Christian home and introduced to God, the Bible, and great music around the piano at an early age. He played varsity baseball, golf, and trombone in high school. He would have loved to become a professional baseball player (Go! Cubs! Go!), but also knew he should study Accounting at Eastern Illinois University as a backup plan! After moving to Findlay, Ohio in 1984 to begin his career, he met and married his wife Julie! By 1993, Jeff and Julie were blessed with beloved son Jordan and beloved daughter Jenna! In 2015, Jenna married a fine Christian man, Austin Wilson, expanding the family. Jeff and Julie are proud of their children and happy they are walking with the Lord! In August of 2016, a beautiful little girl named Juliana Kay joined the family as the first child of Jenna and Austin. Jeff is looking forward to what God has in store for Sojourner 's opportunities to spread the gospel and comfort believers through music! One of Jeff's favorite scriptures is Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Jeff is thankful for his Christian upbringing, introduction to the joy of music, and loving family!